Cleaning the Disposal

Garbage Disposal Cleaning these Inside Parts
Garbage Disposal Cleaning these Inside Parts

Cleaning Solution

When Baking Soda is Mixed with an Acid (Vinegar) it produces Carbon Dioxide Gas. Carbon Dioxide Gas Neutralizers Odor, but the cause of the Odor may remain, therefore it will seem ineffective in a day or so. The Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture should be used after You have Knocked out the Cause of the Odor.

The Splash Guard

The Most Important Step in the Cleaning Process and Odor Extinction is to Remove Splash Guard for Cleaning. The Splash Guard is the Rubber Guard in the Sink Drain Assembly it should lift out with little Resistance (Some Builder Grade Disposals are Not Removable). The Underside of the Splash Guard gets a buildup of Small Food Particles that are Kicked up during the Grinding Process.

Just below the Splash Guard is the Grinding Chamber. In the Grinding Chamber Food and Water Cut, Grind and Break Food Waste into small Pieces so they pass through the Holes in the Shredder Plate and Ring then Down the Drain. It's Dangerous, So Pull the Plug before getting Started.

If you have never removed it for Cleaning you may be Surprised and want to just Toss it. They are Widely Available everywhere. When you have finished Cleaning the Splash Guard just push down until it back in its Place.

Vinegar & Baking Soda Alternative

The next step is to use the Vinegar and Baking Soda to get rid of any Lingering Odors. But, I have had several Recommend Ice Cubes or Fruit Peels into the Grinding Chamber. The Ice Breaks up while Knocking off anything that has Stuck. The Fruit Peels do the Same but leave a Fruity Smell.

Some recommend using a small amount of Bleach kills the Bacteria that may cause the Odors. If you use Bleach the Splashing will Bleach(white) whatever it comes in contact with plus be careful of your Skin and Eyes. You could Follow that up with the Fruit Peels for the Smell.

Food Waste in the Trash

The Garbage Disposal is a better place for Food Waste, (see our Article Garbage Disposals link below) Reduces Methane Gas Emissions.

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