Pressure Assisted Toilets

RUR160iN Rinnai Tankless Water Heater & Cut Away of this UNit and Re-Circulation AssyUnit
RUR160iN Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

The Noise

The Biggest concern about the Pressure Assisted Toilets is the Noise and do they get the Job done.

I asked the question "would you purchase a Pressure Assisted Toilet"?

The response was mostly 'Yes", Some said "I'm not sure". Most that have one, or have had one, say they like it and would buy the same again. The Extra Noise doesn't bother them because they were Tired of Plunging.

The Answers to the noise question were Subjective, Pressure Assisted Toilets do make more noise but, it's OK.

Some of the Early Pressure Toilets were 8% more noisy.

At the Same Time Some Gravity Flush Toilets have got a little more Noisy with the 3 inch Flush Valve. The way the Bowl is Designed also has a Direct Effect on the Noise created during a Flush

An unfair Comparison is the noise the Pressure Toilets in Doctors' Offices and Hospitals have Commercial Versions of the Power Assist Toilet they make a little more noise than a Home Version. Your Children may not like them especially if they are just starting to use the Bathroom by themselves they may be intimidated by the noise.

The Recall Question

There was a Recall in 2018 for Flushmate II 501-B made between 1996 & 2013. Consumer Reports stated that the Recall affected 1.5 million Pressure Tanks because they could Burst and Possibly Cause Damage to the Toilet Tank and or People.

The Problem with the Tanks was corrected and I did not find any information of other incidences since then.

Whats Included

Read "what is included", don't go by the Picture. If the Seat is not included then get the Seat that is best for your Desires, Don't buy because the Seat is Included and then find out you don't like it for some reason, then you have to buy another.

Also the Wax Seal and the Mounting Bolts, included or not. Some Floors will require a taller Wax Seal to Seal Properly, I know Flooring Installers always get the taller Seal to be sure there will not be a leak.

Our Research

We looked at 3 Brands, similar to what we did for the Gravity Flush Toilets. In some cases we not able to read 100 Reviews for each because they were not available.

Toto doesn't make Pressure Assisted Toilet. Toto has the Tornado Flushing Technology that uses only 1 gallon of water. The water enters the Bowl by way of 2 Powerful Water Jets at each side of the Bowl creating a Whirlpool effect that cleans the Bowl without the noise. (Toto Toilets Link below)

The 2 most Popular Pressure Tanks are the Zurn and the Sloan Flushmate. I asked American Standard if they always use The Flushmate in their Toilets, I did not get an Answer. Mostly the Pressure Assisted Toilets come with the Sloan Flushmate but could have the Zurn Model. Zurn does make their own Toilet in various Models and they use their Zurn Pressure Tanks.


We read Hundreds of On-Line Reviews from Home Depot and Amazon for American Standard and Kohler Pressure Toilets below is our Summary.


Kohler K3519-0 Elongated Two-Piece Toilet with Pressure Assist Flush Technology.
Sloan FlushMate
2 3/16" Trapway Fully Glazed
Height 17 1/8" w/o Seat
1.0 Gal per flush
43 Reviews Read

  • 14 - Positive Comments
  • 2 - Negative Comment, Seat Height for 5'8" may be to high
  • 18 - Positive Flush Comment
  • 1 - Seat Problems, not included
  • 1 - Quality Control
  • 1 - Poor Customer Service
  • 2 - Damaged upon Arrival, Packing over Spray
  • 10 - Comfortable Height
  • 3 - Noise, OK
  • 7 - Noise, Extra Loud
  • 1 - No more Sweaty Tank, this is a big deal in Humid Areas

Kohler K-3493-0 Elongated Two-Piece Toilet with Pressure Lite Flush Technology
503 Series Sloan Flushmate
2 1/4" Trapway
Height 16 1/2" w/o Seat
1.6 Gal per flush
84 Reviews Read

  • 54 - Positive Comments
  • 16 - Positive Flushing
  • 1 - Flush Problems
  • 1 - Defective Fill Valve
  • 1 - Tank Lid Complaint
  • 2 - Seat Problems
  • 1 - Some without Seat
  • 4 - Seat Height (High)
  • 4 - Seat Height Comfortable

American Standard

Cadet Two Piece Elongated Everclean® Pressure Assisted 2462016
2 1/8" Trapway Fully Glazed
Height 15" w/o Seat
1.6 Gal per flush
55 Reviews Read

  • 23 - Positive Comments
  • 5 - Negative Comment, mostly how it looks
  • 13 - Positive Flush Comment
  • 2 - Flush Problems, 1 claims has a B8106s EcoFlush instead of FlushMatei>
  • 1 - Seat Problems, not included
  • 5 - Damaged upon Arrival
  • 1 - No Lid
  • 1 - Poor Installation Instructions
  • 2 - Noise, OK
  • 3 - Noise, Extra Loud

Cadet Chair Height Two Piece Elongated Pressure Assisted 2467136
2 1/8" Trapway
Height 16 1/2" w/o Seat
1.1 Gal per flush
81 Reviews Read

  • 35 - Positive Comments
  • 21 - Positive Flush Comment
  • 1 - Negative Comment
  • 1 - Pressure Tank Failure 2 yrs
  • 1 - Seat Not Included
  • 4 - Quality Control (Glazed Blemish)
  • 2 - Damaged upon Arrival
  • 1 - Missing Parts
  • 5 - Comfortable Height
  • 11 - Noise, OK
  • 7 - Noise, Extra Loud

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