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Undermount Farmhouse White Cast Iron Sink
Undermount Farmhouse White Cast Iron Sink


Undermount Kitchen Sinks started their entry into the Kitchen Remodels in the 70's and Steadily they have increased in Popularity.

The Undermount Style is a Clean Impressive Look, Easier to keep clean around the Edges.

A Local Kitchen Remodeler claims the Undermount Farm House Sink, like in the Image above, Is the most popular in Today's Kitchen Remodel or Countertop Upgrade.

The lighter Stainless Steel undermount Sinks can be placed on the Underlayment under the Countertop Material. Silicone Caulk is used to Hold the Sink in Place for the Countertop Material on top.

The Heavier Composite and Cast Iron Sinks under mounted, will require a Substantial Support to hold the Sink up. The Heavy Sinks should NOT be supported by the Underlayment.

Possible Undermount Problems

Sinks can Wear Out, Break, Chip or become Discolored. Get a Good Sink that will outlast your Countertop. If you choose Granite, Quartz or Quartzite replacing a Undermount Sink without breaking the Countertop Material may not be possible.

Kitchen Sinks Do Not have an Overflow, Over filling a Sink that is Undermounted, will allow Water to get between the Countertop Material and the Underlayment and could cause possible Mold Problems.

Overflow Problems are 100% Preventable be Watchful don't fill more than half full. Check the Caulking between the Sink and Countertop often. Use a Mirror with good Light, inspect carefully.

Top Mount

Top Mount or Drop In Sinks are placed in a Cut Out less than the size of the Sink on the Countertop Material.

Top Mount Sinks have Metal Clips that clamp the Sink and Countertop together. Some Installers Do Not use the Clips they just Silicon the Sink to the Countertop, It does work but I have seen where the Cut-Out was oversized and the Silicon really was not enough.

It is recommended to use Clear 100% Rubberized Silicone Caulk to Seal the Lip of the Sink to the Countertop Material.

A word of Caution, 100% Rubberized Silicone Caulk is NOT Water Soluble and will always leave a film. You should not expect to wipe off any excess that came out from under the Sink Edge.

Variety of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Single and Double Bowl
Under Mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Double and Single Bowl

Apron Front or Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse Sinks are Popular, most say they are here to stay. Farmhouse Sinks are typically Deeper, the Most Popular is the Single Bowl, Double Bowl should be available at all Retail locations. Farmhouse Sinks available in 3 Materials, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Fireclay.

Old 1940's Farmhouse Sink compared to Modern Farmhouse Sinks

Images of some popular Brands

Cast Iron and Fireclay Kitchen Sinks Top Mount and Undermount

Custom Sinks

Rachiele® Sinks are Custom Made in Apopka, Florida from 16 gauge Domestic 316L Marine Grade Stainless.

Their Sinks and Range Hoods are Hand-Crafted in their shop of Artisans in their Florida Plant.

Don't look for a Rachiele® Custom Sink in any stores or Internet ecommerce web sites. There is nothing on the shelf. All of Rachiele Custom Sinks are Custom Made after you Order.

Hand made in America Rachiele® Custom Stainless Steel Square Sink

Trend Survey

We Sampled 263 Sinks from 1 of the Largest Manufacture of Kitchen Sinks, to get an Idea of Popularity.


  • Stainless - 154
  • Cast Iron - 89
  • Composite - 17
  • Vitreous China - 3


  • 9" - 43
  • 9 5/8 - 29
  • 9 5/16 - 22

Bowl Configuration

  • Single - 136
  • Double Equal - 60
  • 60/40 Unequal - 47

Mounting Type

  • Top - 65
  • Either - 94
  • Apron/Farm - 19


  • 33"X 22" - 121 of 263

Other Shapes

  • Round -4
  • Triple Bowl - 1


Either indicate Sink Could be Mounted Under or Top

Common Thickness was 18 gauge

Custom is 16 gauge (Thicker than 18 gauge)

Popular Bowl Shape, Rectangle with Straight Sides and Sharp Corners

Material Comments

Stainless Steel

  • Most Popular for Kitchen Sinks
  • Contemporary & Traditional Style
  • Lightest Material
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Durable
  • Easiest to Install
  • Most Sizes & Configurations

Cast Iron

  • Melted Iron Alloy
  • Formed in a Mold
  • Finished with Fired Porcelain Enamel
  • Durable Long Lasting Hard Surface
  • Hard Surface, Unforgiving for Dropped Glass
  • Surface can Chip & Cause Rust Corrosion
  • Heavy, can weigh as much as 200 pounds
  • Requires Additional Support
  • May Require 3" Additional Cabinet Space


  • Clay Based Material with a High Temperature Glaze
  • Considered High Quality
  • Popular Choice for Farmhouse Sinks
  • Similar to Ceramic and Porcelain Tile
  • Used for Bathroom Sinks and Toilets
  • Naturally Resistant to Mildew & Bacteria
  • Can Cracks if impacted with a Hard Heavy Object
  • Garbage Disposals may require Special Hardware to attach
  • Fireclay Manufactures agree that Garbage Disposals are OK
  • Some Don't Recommend them because of the Concentrated Vibrations

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