Two Alternatives to Water Softeners

Electromagnetic Field and Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) Water Treatment


Two Different Systems that Condition Our Water without using Salt. Conditioning Water is not the Same as Softening Water using Salt. A Water Conditioner is really changing the Calcium and Magnesium ability to stick and cause Damage.

If you read our Article on Water Softeners you know the negatively charged Salt attracts and holds the Positively charged Calcium and Magnesium ions as the Water passes through the Salt Bed of the Water Softener.

The Calcium and Magnesium ion tends to stick then build upon itself inside Pipes, Water Heaters, in and on Faucets and Shower Glass. The Damage from etching is irreversible.

System 1 Electromagnetic Field or EMF

EMF or Electromagnetic Field uses an Electronic Induction Coil wrapped around the Main Water Inlet. As the Incoming Water is Passed through the Magnetic Field the Calcium Crystals are changed from Dendrite (multi branching form) to smaller Disc Shaped Form that is less likely to form Scale.

There are very few Scientifically validated reports of successful Electromagnetic Field Studies in the Mainstream Scientific and Engineering Literature. However, I have used this EMF Alternative for more than 14 years. I am not Endorsing the System but I do have the Experience.

The System does do what it is suppose to do as I described above but it does not Perform like a Salt ion Exchange Softener. If you leave the Shower Glass to Air Dry along with any Soap Residual eventually there will be Etching in the Glass and Soap doesn't Suds up.

We Towel Dry Everything after each use, I think we would do the same if we had a Salt System. There is Evidence that the Scale Build Up in the Hot Water Tank has been Reduced to almost nothing.

The Water does Clean up Easily if you forget and let it Air Dry, plus the Faucets do not get the Calcium Build Up that I have Seen in other homes. We wanted a System that does not use Salt.

When the Purchase was made it was decided to go with a Larger Unit that is used Commercially with a larger Volume of Water.

The Benefits are less Expensive, Easy Installation, No Waste Water, No Salt, No Adverse Health Effects, NO Maintenance and Costs Less.

System 2 Template Assisted Crystallization or TAC

Template Assisted Crystallization use a Chamber containing Small Polymer Beads. The Beads serve as the Nucleation Site where the Calcium and Magnesium ions can collect then Catalyze as a Solid Microscopic Crystal that Eventually breaks off and remains in the Water without forming as Scale.

This System has a Certification from DVGW a German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water. Template Assisted Crystallization shows Great Promise for use as an Alternative to Salt ion Exchange and for those that Do Not want to use Salt.

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