Takagi® Tankless Water Heaters

Description Tagaki® T-H3M-IN-N + Tagaki® T-M50-P

Manufactured in Japan

Takagi® Tankless Water Heaters, Manufactured by Takagi® in Japan. All of Takagi Tankless Water Heaters are Sized based upon Peak Flow Rate Requirements and Increase of Cold Weather Temperature in all Applications.

Reference Chart for Takagi Tankless Heaters

Takagi Model Chart by YPRemodel.com
  • * Indicates Energy Star Rated Models
  • Stated Flow Rates are Calculated at 35 Degree Temperature Rise Only. For more use Chart or Calculate
  • yes for Condensing - no for Non-Condensing Units
  • Mounting Location Recommended Inside or Outside
  • Efficiency or Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) rating. Higher is most Efficient
  • N Natural Gas or P for Propane Gas
  • Pipe Size refers to the Line Size Supplying Gas to the Unit
  • Gas Pressure WC, (Water Column) Explanation below
  • Cop for Copper Primary Heat Exchanger
  • C/SS for Copper Primary Heat Exchanger and A Secondary Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • C/Cop indicates Commercial Grade Copper Used
  • Red Entries indicates Units with a Built-In Recirculation Pump

Water Column refers to the Standard Unit of Natural or Propane Gas Pressure. If you are not sure of the needed Gas Pressure for any Unit, contact your Gas Supplier, tell them the WC Requirement.

Flow Chart for 7 Takagi® Models

Use the Chart as a Guide only. The Ground Water Temperature in each Area can vary, check your incoming Temperature.

Formula: Subtract your Ground Water Temperature from 120 Degree Heater Setting to get the Temperature Rise you will need for 1, 2 or 3 Showers. Use the Ground Water Map below.

Flow Chart for Takagi Tankless Water Heaters

Shower Head Flows Differ

Since 1992 the Federally Mandated Maximum Flow for the Shower Head is 2.5 Gallons per Minute. Prior to that date the Flow Rate was about 3.5 Gallons per Minute. Shower Heads having the Energy Star Seal are rated at 2.0 Gallons per Minute. Some Re-designed Shower Heads like the Hand Held Massage Type may be less than 2.5 GPM.

Temperature Loss

You should consider the Distance the Hot Water Travels before it gets to the Shower Head, also Factor in the Temperature around your Hot Water Supply to the Shower Head. In colder Climates the Pipe should be Insulated to reduce Temperature Loss.


Be sure to compare Maintenance for any Manufacture, most require yearly Maintenance. Read the Install Manual even if you are Hiring a Professional Installer.


We read 158 Reviews for 3 Models from Various Sources

  • 123 were Positive Comments
  • 5 didn't Like the Noise
  • 6 Say the Water Did Not get Hot enough
  • 14 other Negative Comments were Minor or Frivolous
  • 10 Leaks (see below)

Of the 10 leaks 1 may have been Defective, 9 were due to Poor Maintenance or Water Quality. Overall Takagi Faired Quite Well.

US Ground Water Temperature Map

US Ground Water Temperature Map

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