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With so Many Choices what is Important. Most do not have any Idea what Toilet they will Purchase either for a New Build or Replacement. From Personal Research I believe most will only consider 2 Important Points, Price and Looks.

Toilets, no matter what Brand, they all have the same Purpose and Problems. The Three Top Selling Brands Covered in 3 Separate Articles on Our Site TOTO, Kohler and American Standard (Links Provided below). The Look and Functionality will affect the Price so consider the Following.


Prices can start under $100.00 and range up to over $1,500. You have to wonder why such a difference, because they all serve the same purpose. All of the Following will affect the Price.

The Look

The Look or Style of Toilets are not really defined like Furniture and Cabinetry, Classic, Traditional or Contemporary. Each Manufacture's Product Line reflects their own Style, a more Detailed Finished Look may be more complicated to Produce therefore affect the Price.

One or Two Piece

The Tradition Toilet is a Two Piece Design, Tank plus the Bowl, they are Lighter and less Costly to Produce than the Heavier One Piece. Because of the Increase weight Shipping Costs are Higher. To me the Difference is worth it.

Some Prefer the Smaller Size because they take up less Space and are not so Overwhelming. Others Prefer the Higher Tank for a Certain Look with some Decorative Item sitting on the Tank.

There are Arguments that the One Piece because of the Lower Tank has less Push than the Higher Mounted Tank of the Two Piece. It makes sense the that the water would have a Higher Head Pressure coming from the Tank, I can't say that I agree or Disagree.

The Trapway

The Trapway is the Built-In P Trap you see from the Side View of a Common Toilet. The Trapway Size can Vary from a Standard Diameter of 2" up to 3". Most are 2-1/16" or 2-1/8", the Larger would be less Likely to Clog.

Some Manufacturers boost a Fully Glazed Trapway that would reduce the Friction as the Water and Waste flow through. Some, mostly Plumbers state that the Glazing may not have any affect and that the Diameter of the Trapway is more important. I say they are both important. The Trapway is Designed to allow Air to enter at the End of the Flush Cycle and Stop the Siphon.

Water Used

The amount of Water used per Flush is an Important Consideration when Deciding your Purchase. California Residents are Required to meet the 2016 Rule of 1.28 Gallons Per Flush (GPF). Most Toilets are now able to Successfully Flush with 1.28 GPF. Some toilets use 1.6 GPF which some prefer and some Toilets are capable of both 1.28 & 1.6 GPF. Consider this, If you have to Flush Twice with a 1.28 GPF then maybe a 1.6 GPF is a better choice if you are not in California.

Seat Height

The Total Height can be confusing because some give a distance to the Top of the Bowl and others include the Seat, Most Seats measure around 1". Standard Height has been 14-1/2" to 15" but the New common Height is 16 1/2" without the Seat so if you include the Seat this makes 17 1/2". ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Sitting Height is 17" to 19" including the Seat.

Most like the New Seating 16-1/2" Height, referred to as Chair Height. You should consider a Persons Height, a 5'2" person would be uncomfortable with a the 16-1/2" High Toilet.


The most common Shapes are Elongated and Round. The Smaller Round Shaped Toilet is normally used in a Small Bathroom. Don't make the mistake of getting an elongated and find out after you Start the Project that your Purchase will not fit. The Elongated is more comfortable to use and is the most Common.

Rough In

This is the distance from the Finished Wall to the center of the Bolts Securing the Toilet to the Floor. So if your Rough-In Distance is 10" a Standard Toilet of 12" is not going to fit.

What's Included

Read "what is included", don't go by the Picture. If the Seat is not included then get the Seat that is best for your Desires, Don't buy because the Seat is Included and then find out you don't like it for some reason, then you have to buy another.

Also the Wax Seal and the Mounting Bolts, included or not. Some Floors will require a taller Wax Seal to Seal Properly, I know Flooring Installers always get the taller Seal to be sure there will not be a leak.

Additional Information

What is Vitreous China? This the Coating added to Porcelain or Ceramic after it has been Fired. This Coating is an Enamel made of Powdered Glass that gives the Finished Product a Shinny Gloss plus adding Density & making the Product slightly more Durable. Vitreous China is not the same as Fireclay.

To answer the Question of where are toilets made. I found that some Parts and even some Toilets are made in the USA but not all. Toilets and their Parts are made in different Locations throughout the World.

Contrary to Belief Thomas Crapper is not credited with the Invention of the toilet, According to Wikipedia. The 1st Patent was Granted to Alexander Cumming in 1775. The 1st Modern flushable toilet was described in 1596 by Sir John Harington.

Thomas Crapper, English Businessman and Plumber. Thomas Crapper had 9 patents, three of them for water closet improvements. American Servicemen in England during World War 1 Sort of invented the words "Crap" and "Crapper" after seeing the Name on Cisterns used in Toilets, hence "I'm going to the crapper".

Minimum Size of a Toilet Room Set by The International Residential Code (IRC) is 30" by 60". National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggest 36" by 66".

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