Rinnai® Tankless Water Heaters

RUR160iN Rinnai Tankless Water Heater & Cut Away of this UNit and Re-Circulation AssyUnit
RUR160iN Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

About Rinnai®

The Rinnai® Corporation is a Multinational Company Headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. Rinnai® started Manufacturing several Models of their Tankless Water Heaters in North America (Griffin, GA) in 2017. Rinnai® also Manufactures Kitchen Appliances, Gas Clothes Dryers, Home Heating Appliances and Commercial Cooking Equipment.

One Website indicated that Rinnai® Tankless Heaters Country of Origin was China, I spoke Directly to Rinnai regarding where they are Manufactured. They are made in Griffin, GA, not China.

Our Thoughts

If you need a New Hot Water Tank you should consider Upgrading to a Tankless Hot Water Heater and maybe a Circulation System as part of the Upgrade.

During our research We spoke with over a Dozen People who Have a Tankless System and are very Satisfied. Almost all wish they had a Hot Water Circulation System to go with it.

YPRemodel Researched 3 Models of Rinnai® Tankless Heaters, the RUR160iN 160,000 BTU, RU180eN 180,000 BTU and the RU199eN 199,000 BTU.

Like the other Brands Takagi® & Rheem® Rinnai® had more Positive Comments than Negative.

Most of the Negative Comments for certain Models were Related to Recirculation settings and Control-R or the WiFi App on your Phone. Use the latest APP Version available. Most of the Bugs were fixed.

Be sure the Re-Circulation Option is right for your system. I guessed that 1 Customer did not have A Dedicated Return Line and Called that Feature Useless. In addition some did not like the Noise of the Water going through the Pipes. Set a time of day that will be the least intrusive.

Some Changed the Heat Setting to get Hotter Water. There is & will be Heat Loss, as the Hot Water travels to the Fixture.

If you are planning on operating 2 or 3 Showers at the same time, Run all 3 Showers at the Same time Now, to be sure the Water supply can Provide sufficient Water Pressure for all.

Verify your Water Source PH, Low PH will affect the Life of the Heat Exchanger.

Notable Comments

Repeated at least 2 times

  • More Difficult Installation Comments than Easy Installation Comments
  • Almost Even DIY Install to Pro Install
  • Several Positive Comments Regarding the Quality of the Unit
  • A couple of Erratic Operation, May be do to inadequate Water or Gas Supply
  • Heat Exchanger Leaks in less than 24 Months (Water Quality)
  • No way to Set the Temperature above Factory Setting
  • Waiting for Customer Service
  • Erratic Operation while Showering (check the Gas Volume & Water Pressure before Installation)

Condensing vs. Non-Condensing

The Condensing Unit's Exhaust is Passed through the Secondary Heat Exchanger for more Efficient Heat. This Unit Cost more but you save on Venting Cost. You have to Drain the Condensation at the Bottom. Ideal for Colder Climates.

Non-Condensing Unit's have a Lower Purchase Cost but the required Metal Vent is More. Simple Maintenance, No Condensate Drain is Ideal for Warmer Climates.

Adding Re-Circulation

Rinnai® makes adding a Hot Water Circulation System Easy if you have a Dedicated Hot Water Return Line. Rinnai® offers Pump Kit that include the Metal Housing Compatable with some of their Units. (see image)

Controllers Available

  • MC-195T for Digital Controller
  • MC-601 Temperature Controller
Rinnai Circulation Pump Kit


Rinnai® Warranty Information is provided in the Link below. They do have a Disclaimer for Products that have the Serial Number removed that may have been purchased from an Illegal Seller, Beware! I also ran across a line in some Warranty Information that stated - 15 years on Heat Exchanger or 12,000 Operation Hours. If used 3 hours per day = 1,056 Hours/year - for 12 years = 12,672 Hours.

Ground Water Temperature Map

US Ground Water Temperature Map

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