Hidden Space under the Stairs

Under the Stairway Harry Potter type Storage
Under the Stairway Harry Potter type Storage

Ours is now an Extra Panty

Some Builders closed in the Space under the Stairway that could be used for Storage. In this Case they turned it into a very useable Pantry Annex. My Neighbor had mentioned a few times that he was going to knock down the Wall to see what was behind it.

Cut Out for Door Way for the Pantry

The Wall is between the Living Room and the 2nd Garage. It was obvious without taking the wall out that there was a Large Space there. The Floor Area is approximately 30 SqFt, keep in mind the Ceiling is not going to be full height but angled down to the Floor following the Staircase.

Studs behind the Wall

The first Step will be to locate the Wall Studs before you cut out the Drywall to see what is behind it. The Image at Top is a Drawing of the approximate location of the Studs. In this case because the Wall is interior the Studs were 24 inches Center to center.

Cut The 1st Vertical Stud allow for a Header as in the image, the rough Cut in will be for a Typical Interior Door 30" wide.

You should wear a Suitable Mask, the Dust and Air Irritated their Lungs differently between the 3 involved. After the Area was Cleaned and the Drywall up that will not be a Problem.

Start the Drywall installation on the Ceiling first. This will be a Challenge because the Stairway is the Ceiling and at an Angle that gets quite close to the Floor.

The best way to Hang the Drywall from the Ceiling if this is a DIY Project is attach a 2by4 to the wall at the high end of the Space. Then Make a Dead Man Prop to Hold up the other End until you get a few screws in to hold it up.

A Dead Man Prop is a 3rd Arm and Hand to help hold the drywall in place, the Prop should be a "T" shape made of 2 2by4's cut a little longer so you can wedge it in place by kicking it with your Foot. Be sure to pick the best spot for the Prop making it a useful effort.

With the Drywall up, Taped and Textured you can Plan the Shelving, the Wall Texture is of very little importance because it is not very visible behinf the Shelves. Paint, Finish the Floor and Door Casings. You can build some Simple Shelves or purchase some pro made, be sure they are secured to the Wall and Heavy enough to hold the Weight you will be putting on them.

Studs behind the Wall

This the Extra Pantry Space they got, Julie Loves it.

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