Rheem® Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem Tankless Water Heater H200DVRHLN
Rheem Tankless Water Heater ECOH200DVRHLN

About Rheem®

Rheem® Tankless Water Heaters are Manufactured in 4 US States, Montgomery, Alabama - Fort Smith, Arkansas - Eagan, Minnesota - Oxnard, California and Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Rheem® has an International Presence in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China. Rheem is owned by Paloma Industries in Nagoya, Japan, the world’s Largest Producer of Gas Appliances.

Rheem® 3/5 Vent Tube

Rheem® Tankless Water Heaters are Designed with the Air Intake within the Vent Tube. The Area between the Vent and Outside of the Pipe Carries the Air Needed for Proper Operation. Be Sure to check the Price and Availability with your local Supplier, Some may be Order Only not Stocked. You can also do a Search for Rheem 3/5 Vent Tube to get the Best Pricing.

Rheem 3/5 Vent Tube

Most Rheem® Tankless Water Heater (Except the Performance Platinum™ Series Condensing with Built-In Recirculation) Require their Own 3/5 Stainless Steel Design Exhaust Pipe. (see image)

Limited Warranty

Be sure to Read and Understand The Limited Warranty Provided by Rheem®. Especially the last line under General and the Warranty Exclusions. (link to Rheem Warranty below)

Purchasing Information

I feel it is important to know as much as possible for each Rheem® Model. Lowes does not list the Rheem Product. If using the Home Depot Site you should be able to Enter the Model number you are interested in. Verify the Model Number in the upper right, then Right click on View More Details which takes you to Product Overview.

On the right you will see Additional Resources, click on Specification, that should put you on Rheem's Performance Page. Now scroll to the 2nd Page, view the Information regarding Temperature Rise and the Very Important Maximum Vent Length Chart, keep in mind the Required 3/5 Vent Pipe. You should be able to decide on the Pieces needed then Calculate the Cost. The Performance Platinum™ Series does allow Schedule, 40 PVC, CPVC, PP

One last Point. By reading the Reviews it seems that more than Half did their own Install. I am always in favor of DIY Projects that you are capable of. However some did State that if not installed by a Pro the Warranty is Void. If you went to The Rheem Warranty Page you can Decide if that is always True or Not.

After reading Hundreds of Reviews it did seem as though most of the unhappy Rheem Customers were because of the Product Not Working Properly. In Part this may be related to the 3/5 Rheem Vent Tube. If Possible Mount the Unit Outside. There is no Vent Required Outdoor, be sure to Order the Outdoor Model.

Rheem had a larger percentage of Positive Reviews than Negative, Some Negative Comments may have been from DIY's that did make mistakes in the Installation. The Installation is more Complicated than replacing a Hot Water Tank. It is also possible you could have a Defective Product but the Customer Service should respond Positively to that.

Other Problems that stood out in the reviews was Customers not Paying Attention to the Needed Vent Tube, Ample Gas Volume and Proper Water Supply or Water that was Contaminated.

In reading the Reviews I found that some Reviews did not belong to the Model that was listed, also be aware of Repeated Reviews.

Related Information

  • Check with your Gas Supplier to be sure you have Ample Volume & Pressure for the Model to be Installed.
  • Use the Proper Venting Pipe
  • If you need Freeze Protection Verify the Unit you are Installaing has that Protection
  • Verify that you have Ample Electrical Votage & Current for the Model you are Installing
  • Tankless Heaters burn a Large Volume of Gas and that makes Noise, Don't Mount it Where you could hear it.

Ground Water Temperature Map

US Ground Water Temperature Map

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