The Beauty of Granite Salinas White

Granite Countertop Material Salinas White
Granite Countertop Material Salinas White

Is Granite losing its Appeal

Granite is not the Most Popular Choice for Today's Remodel, but it will Always be a Good Choice Especially the Black Colors. Some say Granite Countertops are Dated, Some will Disagree. Granite or Quartz. Granite was Naturally formed from Liquid Magma and Quartz is a Man Made Product.

Experience the Beauty of Granite Countertops. Go with your Contractor to the Slab Warehouse. Your Contractor or Designer will be able to see the Colors that will go Perfectly in your Home. You will be able to Compare Granite to Quartz.

The Warehouse

Walking through the Warehouse you will see Slabs of Granite in Unique Colors and Variations in the Veining of each Slab. Slabs on Racks from 1 to maybe 12 Deep, in the Stack they all appear to be the same. They are cut from the same Block direct from the Quarry, but each Slab is Different.

A Block at the Quarry is approximately 10 foot by 5 foot. A Slab can be between 9 and 10 feet long (width) and between 5 and 6 feet wide (depth). Thickness can be 2cm or 3cm, 2cm is approximately 3/4" and 3cm approximately 1 1/4".

In this Image you see the Dark Vein going across, each Slab is a little Different, the Vein moves slightly on each Slab. If you want the Vein to be in the Middle of your Island Top, you have the Slabs moved until you find the Perfect Slab for You.

Grading the Slabs

Granite Slabs like Quartz are Graded in Groups. Each Groups Value varies depending on where the slab Originated, Destination Shipping Costs, Hardness, Fragility and Thickness. Additionally The Slabs Character, Defined by overall Colors, Veins and their own Colors plus the Slabs Thickness, a 3cm Slab will cost more than a 2 cm Slab.

The Number of Groups varies, Typically there are 3 Groups. I've seen up to 5 Groups and some Suppliers will Group a Very Rare or Special Slab as a Group 6. The Higher the Group Number the more expensive it will be.


Fabrication includes Cutting to size, Edge Lamination, the Final Polish, Delivery and Installation to your Home. The Edge of a 2cm Slab is not thick enough for Nice Bold Edge Look and not as strong as the edge of a 3cm Slab.

An extra 2 or 3 inch wide strip is cut from the Slab and Bonded to the Underside at the Edge giving the Appearance of a 1 1/2 inch Thick Slab. The Edge is then Machined, Sanded and Polished with the Edge Profile of your choice.

Below are 6 Common Edge Profiles: The Crescent, Quarter Bevel and Half Bevel are also Common Choices. Cost of Edge Profiles is per Running Foot and it increases per foot with more Distinctive Choices. Check with your Contractor to see what Profiles are available.

Quartz Countertop Edge Profiles Ogee w/Full Bullnose, Beveled Edge & Radius Eased Edge
Quartz Countertop Edge Profiles Full Bullnose, Top Radius with Apron & 1/4 Round Top and Bottom

Flexibility and Strength

Flexibility of a 2cm slab is more than a 3cm. If you have a 3cm slab that is not Perfectly flat you may not be able to get the Seams Perfect because of the lack of Flexibility.

Granite is a #6 on the Mohs Scale, and not very Flexible and could Break under certain Conditions. You should not stand on a Countertop or put a Concentration of weight in one spot especially near the edge, it Could easily Break.

Admittedly This is Not Normally a concern, but if a Person of Considerable weight was not aware when repairing something and stood on your Top for Convenience it could Break. Spread the Weight out by putting a large piece of wood down first.


The Big Difference between Quartz, Granite, and Quartzite is the Porosity. Once or Twice a year, the Granite and Quartzite Surface should be Properly Sealed, use a Sealer that Repels Water like those made with Siliconates. Using a Sealer should Prevent any Liquids from Penetrating down into the Porous Surface.

Acidic Foods like Orange or Lemon Juice, Vinegar and other Items could Damage or discolor the Surface. Because of the Porosity Some Spills or Accidents should be Wiped or Cleaned up Promptly. A Sealed Surface helps Prevent this.

Daily Care for your Granite Countertops is easy, simply wipe down your Granite with a Mild Soap and Water. No Harsh Chemicals or Abrasive Cleaners, Never use Liquids with a Low PH always use a Neutral PH Product. For Stubborn Clean-ups you can use a Formulated Product made for Granite Stone without causing Damage.

Radon Gas

Some concern about the Possibility of Radon Gas. Granite is a naturally occurring Igneous Rock, it can contain Concentrations of Uranium that can Produce Radon Gas.

The EPA Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that there is not Sufficient Data to conclude that a type of Granite used for Countertops can Significantly increase Indoor Radon Gas Levels.

Understanding How it was Made

Rocks are in 1 of 3 Different Types: Sedimentary (Sediments that were Compacted under very High Pressure), Igneous (Formed from Liquid Magma or Lava, the melting of other Rocks), Metamorphic (is the Altering of a Sedimentary or Igneous Rock exposed to Very High Heat and Pressure).

Deep into the Earth's Crust or near the Boundaries of Tectonic Plates are the Conditions to Melt Rocks into Magma. Granite comes from Lava or Magma that has cooled slowly below the Earth's Surface forming an Intrusive Igneous Rock.

Some will argue that Granite is a Metamorphic Rock. There was the Granite Controversy in the 50's and 60's that argued this Question of How Granite was Formed. Modern Day Opinions are that Granite is an Intrusive Igneous Rock.

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“No matter how Sophisticated you may be, a Large Granite Mountain cannot be Denied - It Speaks in Silence to the very Core of your Being”
Ansel Adams, Photographer

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