Large Format 24 inch by 48 inch Tile by Interceramic

The Finished Look

The Finished Look of Large Format Tiles, like the 24"x24", 18"x36" and the 24"x48", is Striking. Using a Large Tile seems to give the Room a more Spacious Feeling. Some of the Pro's say, if any Edges are more than 15 inches it is a Large Format Tile. However this Article will not include The Planks.

Large Format Problems

I meant with an Installer who had just finished a job with 24" by 48" tiles, saying they look Good but they must be installed in a Large Room or Area. In most cases the 24"x24" and 18"x36" have a Much Better Look than the Larger 24"x48".

This Job was More Difficult because of a Built Arch and The Tension in each Tile. He said the Tiles would Break at a much Higher Rate than the Smaller Tiles, some tiles would Break as soon as you start cutting with the Angle Grinder. Cutting in a Large Tile is next to Impossible around a Door Jam going into Bedrooms or Bathrooms.

Extra Cost

Considering the Breakage of the Large 24"x48" and the increased difficulty in Laying these tiles the cost per square foot is much higher.

Extra Prep Required

Large Format Tiles require a little more effort in the Preparation of the Sub Surface. The Sub Floor must be Cleaned of all Debris even the Dust must be Vacuumed up.

Use a Self Leveling Material to insure the Sub Floor is Perfectly Flat. With Smaller Tiles you can Lift the Tiles back up to add or remove the Thin Set so the Tile is Flat without Lippage from one to the other.

Most if not all Self Leveling Products are a Polymer-Modified Mixture including Cement. When Properly mixed, Self Leveling Material has high flow characteristics, providing a Smooth Flat, High Compressive Surface Similar to Concrete. There are at least 5 Brands of Self Leveling Products available. Follow their Mixing Instructions carefully.

When the Floor is Properly leveled and Cured it will be easier to Place the Large Format Tiles without Lippage.


Lippage is a Term the Tile Setter's use to describe the edge of the Tile that is higher than the adjoining Tile. Checking for Lippage after setting each Tile can be done most efficiently with a Roll of Masking Tape laying flat then sliding the Tape over the Tiles. The Tape should go over the Tiles without catching on any Edges.

Proper Thinset

Use a Thinset Designed for the Heavy Larger Format Tiles, giving the Proper Support until Set up. Apply the Thinset to the Floor and Butter each Tile evenly to insure Full Coverage and Proper Adhesion. One Tile Installer told me that no matter how hard you Try you will most likely have to pull up some Tiles to Add or Take away Thin Set to make the Tile Level Perfect. He uses Suction Cups but said a Pry Bar or Wonder Bar would work also.

Cutting & Setting

Cutting the Large Format Tiles usually will not fit on a Saw or Tile Cutter. Most will use a 4 inch Diamond Blade with an Angel Grinder.

Not all Tile Setter's want to Install 24" by 48" Large Format Tile. If this is going to be a DIY Project you should learn all you can before getting Started, giving up and then trying to find a Installer to finish the Job may not be that easy.

Use 1/8" Spacers between the Tile for a small Grout Joint and because of the Arch in the Tile they will have to be installed side by side not offset.

Most Installers charge by the Square Foot plus Materials, Large Format Tile Installations usually get more per Square Foot. Some don't even want to do it.

When the Floor is complete you will find that with the Large Format Tile there are fewer Grout Lines. Fewer Grout Lines will be easier to Maintain and Clean.

One last thought, The Large Format Tile can be used on the Walls, especially in a Large Walk-in Shower.

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