Laundry Makeover

DIY Laundry Makeover
DIY Laundry Makeover

What Changed

Three of the Walls in this Laundry Room got a Modified Version of the Board and Batten Design that goes from Floor to Ceiling. First the Walls were sanded smooth to remove the Skip Trowel Texture, then Painted.

The Hanger Bar, the Laundry Room Sign and the Storage Bin were added after the Room was Finish.

Board and Batten Design on Laundry Room Wall

The Horizontal and Vertical Boards were first painted then cut to make the Spaced Pattern you see in the Image. Each Board Seam was Caulked with a Paintable Caulking, the Walls were then repainted.

The 3 Remaining Walls above and to the Left & Right of the Washer and Dryer were Tiled. The Ceramic Tile is a Stylish Floral Pattern 8" by 8" from Interceramic. The tile named Hudson in the Union Square Series goes to the Ceiling, giving the Laundry Room an Authentic Farm House Look.

White 24" Wall Cabinets on each side give a Perfect Balance to this Space. The cabinets were Finished off with a 2 1/4" Crown Molding. The Custom Sized Floating Shelves to match the Countertop are Fastened to the Wall Cabinets from the Inside eliminating the Need for Brackets.

The Countertop is a Heavy Wood Framed Assembly that's Covered with 3/4" Alder Plywood then a 2" Face Trim Stained with an Ebony Stain and Poly Urethane Final Coat.

Pull Out Shelf for Storage of items in the Laundry Room

On either side of the Washer and Dryer is a Space for Hampers. In the small Space between the Appliances is a Pull Out Shelf for Storage of Various items sometimes kept in the Laundry Room. The Frame for the Center Shelf also Provides additional Support for the Center of the Countertop.

Barn Doors for the Laundry Room

The room was finished off by removing the Hinged Door that Distracted from the Beautiful Board and Batten Wall. The Barn Door is a Perfect addition for this Beautiful Laundry Room Makeover.

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