Waterproof Flooring

Water on Waterproof LVT Flooring
Water on Waterproof LVT Flooring

Waterproof Material

The Waterproof claim applies to the Material itself. Spills like Water, Milk, Pet Accidents and Wet Towels are No Problem. Larger amounts of Water that finds its way under the Floor Material could become a Problem with Mold.

Some recommend Caulking around the Finished Floor this could Slow the Seepage from Large amounts of water getting under the Waterproof Material.

Waterproof Flooring a Popular Choice that in some cases can be put over an Existing Floor. Sub Floors should be Flat, Smooth and properly prepared, Thinner Material could easily Telegraph High and Low Spots up through to the New Flooring.

Pro or DIY

Most Waterproof WPC, LVT, LVP and SPC is Click Together and be esy to learn the Tips and Tricks so ist can be a DIY Project for the Handy Home owner. Be sure to read the Manufacturers Detailed Instsructions. there is considerable gettin up and down while installing.

Having a Pro or Doing the Job yourself Choose the Best Material, Color and Grain for Your Project. Most will make their Choice based upon Appearance but Know the Difference in WPC, LVT, LVP and SPC. Most Waterproof Flooring is the Click Together Installation Technology.

WPC, LVT, LVP and SPC look just like the Wood they Mimic including Texture, some LVT can have a Grouted Installation to look like Tile.

Scratch Resistant

Scratch Resistant does not imply the Material will not Scratch. Dragging a Chair repeatedly over the same spot or a Chair with Casters will Wear through the Protective Top Layer. Avoid Sliding heavy sharp object across the Floor. The Material has been Designed and Tested for Normal or Heavy Day to Day use without Visible Damage.

Wear Layer

The Wear or Top Layer is Aluminum Oxide that is applied to Flooring Material. Each Manufacture uses a Specific method of Application, It's the amount that counts. Measured in mils, a mil is a Imperial Measurement close to a thousandth of an inch (.001). I would look for at least 12 mil. For an active Household maybe 20 mil, Some Flooring Manufactures advertises up to 40 mil Top Layer.


Wood Plastic Composite/Core implies the Core is Wood, the fact is few WPC Planks use Wood Fibers today in their Production. The Name still Lives within the Industry. WPC is a Combination or Composite material made of Thermoplastics, Calcium Carbonate(Limestone) and wood-like materials ground into a Powder.

WPC is Rigid & Stable in Temperature changes, little Telegraphing of the Sub Floor, Softer Feel under Foot more so than the other 3, Scratch & Dent Resistant but will Dent if hit Hard enough. Plank Thickness 5 - 8 mm.


Luxury Vinyl Tile & Luxury Vinyl Plank Differ only in their Shape. LVT looks like Tile, Squares & Rectangles, LVP looks like a Wood Plank. The Core is mostly PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Flexible and Stable in Temperature changes, Some Telegraphing may occur from the Sub Floor Highs and Lows. Solid Feel and cold under foot, Scratch Resistant and because of the Softer Material will Dent. The Planks are typically less than 4 mm Thickness.


SPC Stone Plastic Composite. The Core is plus/minus 60% Limestone and PVC, less Flexible than LVP & LVT and Stable in Temperature changes. SPC may Telegraph the Sub Floor highs and lows but less than LVP. Solid Feel and cold under foot, Scratch & Dent Resistant. Plank Thickness 3.2 - 7 mm.


Be aware that even the Best of Installations could produce an opening of a Seam making it more visible. In time the Planks will shift and move then a Crack could appear. Be sure to Acclimate per Manufactures Instructions in the Room where it will be installed before Installation.

PVC Warning

PVC is a part of the Chemical Makeup of these Products. PVC contains Phthalates, Lead & Cadmium. These chemicals could Migrate out and evaporate into the Air. Much has been said about phthalates, some suggest avoidance with small children. We do not agree or disagree with these findings.

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