Quartz Kitchen Island Countertop

Quartz Kitchen Island Countertop
Quartz Kitchen Island Countertop

About Quartz Countertops

Quartz is NOT a Naturally Formed Rock then cut into Slabs like Granite or Quartzite. Quartz Countertops are Made from Quartz Crystals plus Other Minerals, Fused with Resin then Mechanically Formed with Heat and Pressure. The Quartz Crystals come from Igneous Rocks, as the Magma Cools Geothermal Waters Saturate the Formation with Silicon Dioxide.

Quartz an abundant and Naturally Occurring Silicate Mineral composed of Silicon Dioxide. Quartz Hardness Rating comes in (7.0) 4th Below Diamonds (10), Corundum like Sapphire & Rubies (9.0), and Topaz (8.0), Granite has a Rating of (6.0). These Ratings are from the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Hardness of Quartz Countertops on some Sites is rated Differently, the rating is 7.

Stain Resistant

Quartz is Resistant but Not Impervious to accidents like those listed below. Most of this is Obvious, Cleaning up or Wiping as soon as Possible will Prevent the Possibility of Stains and Etching.

  • Coffee, Tea and Coke
  • Oil or Grease from Cooking
  • Juices like Grape and Red Wine
  • Writing with a Marker or Ink Pen
  • Hot Pans or Heat on the Countertop. Toasters?
  • Using the Countertop for the Cutting Board
  • Dragging a Sharp Object Across the Countertop Surface
  • Solvents like Finger Nail Polish Remover or Paint Thinners
  • Scotch Bright Side of a Sponge or Harsh Cleaning Products
  • Ferrous Metals like Cast Iron Pan sitting on Water causing Rust

I keep getting the Question about Sealing Quartz Countertops. Quartz Countertops are very Smooth having little Porosity therefore Sealing as a Maintenance is not Required.

Updated 12-11-2023


Heat is a Concern for Quartz Countertops. Some Customers interested in Quartz Countertops that I spoke with thought it was OK to put a Hot Pan on the Quartz Countertop. Don't try it, in fact Toasters, Toaster Ovens, Air Fryers or any Appliance that create Heat on the underside should be separated from the Countertop by using something like a Wood Cutting Board that can absorb the Heat.

Some asked about the Cooktop being installed directly on the Countertop. Not to worry, There is not much Heat at the Cooktop Surfaces, the Heat is applied to the Cooking Vessel and very little Heat transfers to the Cooktop.

For Outdoor Kitchens you should use a Product that States it is Safe for Outdoor use, the Resins can yellow from the UV Rays over time. Fading of Quartz that is Exposed to Direct Sun Light Daily for long Periods of Time could change it's Appearance.

Quartz Slab Sizes & Grades

  • Standard Length is 120"/305cm
  • Standard Widths can be 52"/132cm or 55"/140cm
  • Thickness 7/16th"/1.2cm - 3/4"/2cm and 1 1/4"/3cm
  • Most if not all colors are Available in 12"by12", 16"by16" and 24"by24" Sizes
  • Weight for 1.2cm is approximately 5.6lbs/2.5Kg per Square Foot

Grading Quartz Countertops depends on the Main Color, Smoothness, Shine, Complexity of the Veins and their Color. Colors seem Endless along with Styles and The Flowing Design Patterns that are Uniform throughout the Lot. The Rich Colors and Vein Design makes each Slab more Personal matching Your Tastes and Desires. Below are Sample of Quartz from Silestone®.

Group 1 Sample

Quartz countertop Samples Group 1

Group 2 Sample

Quartz countertop Samples Group 2

Group 3 Sample

Quartz countertop Samples Group 3

Group 4 Sample

Quartz countertop Samples Group 4

Group 5 Sample

Quartz countertop Samples Group 5

Group 6 Sample

Quartz countertop Samples Group 6


The Fabrication of your Quartz Slab will include Cutting to Proper Size and Shape, Making Cutouts for Appliances or Sink, Laminating the Edges to the Desired Thickness, Cutting or Grinding the Edge Profile, Finish Polishing the Slab, Delivering to Your Home, Cutting and Installing the Underlayment, then Installation and Caulking.

All of this Preparation and Delivery is Accomplished with Large Trucks, Fork Lifts, and Strong Dedicated People. One Slab of Quartz 55" by 120" can weight at or above 260 pounds/118 KG . Choose an Experienced Countertop Contractor.

Edge Profiles

Below are 6 Common Edge Profiles: The Crescent, Quarter Bevel and Half Bevel are also Common Choices. Cost of Edge Profiles is per Running Foot and it increases per foot with more Distinctive Choices. Check with your Contractor to see what Profiles are available.

Quartz Countertop Edge Profiles Ogee w/Full Bullnose, Beveled Edge & Radius Eased Edge
Quartz Countertop Edge Profiles Full Bullnose, Top Radius with Apron & 1/4 Round Top and Bottom

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